Chromos lobby

  • Client:
  • Project:
    Chromos lobby
  • Author:
    Bojan Drezgić, Aleksandar Plečko, Goran Turković, Luka Vucić
  • Year:
1. Prize in Chromossfera
The space is divided into 6 sections.
Units are divided by purpose. Each unit
is intended for the presentation
of a product group from Chromos offers.
Units are:
1st vestibule
2nd Room for the tree
3rd Room for building
4th Room for metal
5th Showroom
6th Facade
Chromos is produced in the whole space
accurately represent in the way which
are used. The joints in the lobby pointed with
Chromos the fugmasom and marked
appropriate codes, flooring in the wood
room are protected by varnish and Chromos
color, marked with the appropriate codes,
wall in the room for the edifice, embodied the
Chromos wall colors and flooring that is protected
Chromos colors for floors, are also
marked with the appropriate code … This type of
presentation is much clearer than standard
modes of presentation (printed materials,
packaging product, an oral explanation and persuasion). This approach to regulation
of the input space honestly presented
Chromos production program, and also uses
it as an almost only expressive element of art. Complete area primarily serves
as a presentation medium. The products are seamlessly fit into the space
which has several purposes (presentation space,
conference room, waiting room …).
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