Illustration for Zarez

  • Client:
  • Project:
    Illustrate a story
  • Author:
    Luka Vucić
  • Year:
  • Illustration:
    Luka Vucić
  • Photography:
    Luka Vucić
The last paragraph was extremely important because during the five years of our having fun, that is work for museums, my apartment turned into storage bags, boxes, folders, cabinets and shelves, or, as I often said Magda, “the magnificent maze of our love.” Now I am standing in this labyrinth – from which Magda, obviously, have long found way out – and watched amazed as all recent policy loses its shine. “By David Albahari
Poslednja stavka bila je izuzetno važna jer se tokom pet godina našeg zabavljanja, tj. rada muzeja, moj stan pretvorio u skladište kesa, kutija, fascikla, ormarića i polica, odnosno, kako sam često govorio Magdi, “u veličanstveni lavirint naše ljubavi”. Sada sam stajao u tom lavirintu – iz kojeg je Magda, očigledno, odavno pronašla izlaz – i zaprepašćeno gledao kako sve gubi doskorašnji sjaj.”  David Albahari
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