Magdalenine pralje poster

  • Client:
    Dječje kazalište Dubrava / Grupa DUB
  • Project:
    Self initiated
  • Author:
    Luka Vucić
  • Year:
  • Illustration:
    Luka Vucić

This poster was made for my actors group DUB in Dubrava. The play was about Magdalene Laundries. The Laundries were active between the 1922nd and 1996th. More than 10,000 young girls and women worked without any charge in laundries that were nuns. Magdalena laundries, otherwise established in the Middle Ages, the time of the asylum in which provided refuge to former prostitutes, transformed into working institutions where they ended up ‘woman problem behavior’, and often they ended up there, and victims of sexual abuse who have been the target of profiling and harassment and abuse of nuns.

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